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This is my personal site. If you go WAY back to the first entry I pretty much laid it out. Perhaps there is some confusion in some people's minds regarding how something personal can also be made public? Or maybe they're confused about why I allow comments on a personal site? Whatever the case, there have been a few comments lately that have been rather egotistical and it's starting to piss me off.

Many times I have contemplated how having comments open jeopardizes the original intent of this site. This site is for me. It is where I explore what I like or how I feel. There have been times when I have outright addressed an audience for comments or answers. But often times my intent is literally, "Here's something I like today." or "Here's something I'm thinking today.". While I know there is an audience, and I engage them regularly through the comments, the pictures I post and the text I write are not about the audience. It's about me. Because it's my personal site. I have always thought about this site as a personal sketchbook or a personal documentary. The intent was never to be a photoblog it just kind of fell into that category because taking pictures took over as a personal means of expression and pushed some other mediums aside in the process.

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