taken by Davin Risk

Photo of me taken by Davin Risk.

January 22, 2003 - April 8, 2008. Thank you for visiting my little self-indulgent space on the internet. This site had its start as an online sketchbook back in Jan 2003 and quickly turned into an almost daily photoblog. Sometimes the pictures were accompanied by words relating to the image or random thoughts from my mind. They were by no means my BEST pictures (or my best thoughts for that matter!). I chose what to post here on a whim rather than as a need to feature The Best. I LOVE film and square photos.

I take pictures. I am a graphic designer, a gardener, and a writer. I make things with my hands.


· Not Now, Not Ever · Gardening for the People · my book · Green Minds Project · Fluffco · See Feel Think · my FLICKR account · Superfantastico


· toycamera (Limited Edition Hardcover Book published 2004 pages 114-117) · The ToyCam Handbook · cbc radio 3 feature · 28mm (Gallery) · Melting Pop: We Love Holga (Online Gallery) · PUBLICity (Gallery Show March/April 2005, Toronto) · Circle of Confusion (Interview) · Torontoist (Interview) · 2005 Photobloggies: Best Toy Camera Photography · JPG Magazine (Issue 2) · SPACING Magazine (Issue 6 pages 8 & 29), (Issue 5 COVER), (Issue 4 pages 2 & 50),(Issue 3 Winter 04/05 pages 56-57)& (Issue 2) · 2Magazine (Editorial Fall 2005. pages 61-72) · Toronto Area Photobloggers (Talk at the Apple Store. Sept 2005) · INTransit (Gallery Show Jan/Feb 2006, Toronto) · Photogrammetry (Gallery Show in Conjunction with “DigiFest“ May-July 2006, Toronto) · Flickr: Blink of an Eye (Juried Exhibition Aug 2, 2006. New York City)

· Not Now, Not Ever (Street Gallery: August 8, 2006. Photos on display where they were taken exactly 2 years prior.) · Picture the Cure (Silent Auction Cancer Society Fundraiser Aug 21 2006) · Midnight Snack (Gallery Show in Conjunction with “Nuit Blanche Toronto” Sept 30, 2006) · JPG Magazine “My Hasselblad 500 C/M” article (Issue 7, pages 10 & 11) · Toronto Life “Our Hidden Cameras” (by Anna Bowness) · The State of the Arts: Living with Culture in Toronto (Published by Coach House Books, 2006.)


· The musical stylings of Nina Simone.
· The beautiful films of Satyajit Ray.

"... Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon." -Akira Kurosawa.

· Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru (To Live).
· The colours brown, orange, red. Earth tones.
· The Plant Kingdom.
· Off-registration printing.
· Paper products of all kinds (cigarette cards, old kids books, encyclopedias, flashcard sets. The list goes on.)
· Stamps (matte only please, few colours, litho) I'm a sucker for those mixed packs.
· Textiles.
· Letterpress.
· Microscopes.
· Kurotakage (The Black Lizard) by Kinji Fukasaku. Great camp.
· Polaroid cameras. Box cameras. Pinhole cameras. Crappy cameras. Panoramic cameras. Cameras, cameras, cameras.
· Fisher Price little people and adventure people.
· Old metal park rides.
· bell hooks (cultural critic).
· Mini food/plastic food.
· YamaMotoYama Genmaicha
· Lynda Barry
· "Confessions of a Crap Artist" by Philip K. Dick
· Documentary. Stories about life.
· Cursing


· Purple (especially royal).
· The sound of crunching snow under feet.
· Gender-related "P" words such as panties or purse. *shudder*
· Gold.
· Long or acrylic nails.
· Cuteness (mostly in people).
· When people are described as "nice".
· Soggy crackers, general mushiness. Cream of wheat. ew.
· Driving a vehicle.
· Jumpsuits.
· Mistral


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