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Pro & Anti-War Demonstration in Gainesville, Florida
Thursday, March 20, 2003

We're back! What can I say about our trip to Florida? It started off pretty crazy. We arrived in Orlando with no sleep and feeling pretty nervous and uncomfortable about being in America only hours after the war started. Our flight was a little bit surreal because our fellow passengers all seemed oblivious to what was going on. Upon arriving in Orlando we took a cab to the Greyhound station and listened to war coverage in creole. I didn't pick up much.

Our ride to Gainesville was full of eye candy. We marvelled at hand-painted billboards, orange groves, swamps, interesting plants and strange orange coloured sand.

In Gainesville we were greeted by a fairly large demonstration outside our hotel and the news that none of the other guests would be attending the event due to the war!! It was a bit stressful and intimidating realising that we were the only people there to jury the event as well as give speeches and evaluate portfolios. But in the end everything worked out. Despite the fact that I was REALLY SICK for nearly our entire stay in Gainesville, we had a really fun time and the students and faculty were great and incredibly hospitable.

I took alot of photos, although far less then I anticipated. I saw alot of plants, although far less then I had hoped. I went to the ocean, but didn't get the opportunity to swim. Will post some photos in the coming days. Right now I need that post vacation day off to rest and get used to the concept of using a computer again. Never mind the billions of emails that are waiting to be answered.

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