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High Park Bathroom Lubitel 2

Closed for the Season
Taken with Lubitel 2

It was a grogeous day yesterday. We went out and leisurely took pictures, lazed in the sun... enjoyed ourselves. Then the Lubitel 2 died. I was on the last photo of the third roll of film to make it through that camera in the week and a half I had it. A week and a half! That's how long it lasted before the shutter busted. But what a glorious week and a half it was. I am now addicted to the top viewer and find myself not swivelling the Nikon but using it as if it were a top viewer. It's just more fun that way.

Of course I have already purchased a new Lubitel 2. And a 120 box camera. And 10 rolls of 110 film for Mr. Risk. And way too much other good shit off ebay.

Been fucking around with my Polaroid Land cameras again too. Expensive fun. Now I can't leave the house without 4-5 cameras in tow.

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