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a car
Taken with Lubitel 2 (The old one that died)

PhotoFriday: Transportation

I did do the MayDay Project last Saturday but I've been too busy to put it together and post it.

My red Kodak 120 Box Camera arrived a few days ago. Mine isn't as fancy as the one in the picture. Mine doesn't have the second viewfinder on the side, the handle is missing and there is no gold sticker. I took some pictures with it yesterday but who knows what I shot. I can't see a thing through the viewfinder. It's all a fuzzy haze. I'm yet to finish a roll with any of the new box cameras. I keep jumping between them. Plus the weather has been so shit here (again) that I haven't been in the mood to go out and take pictures or when I do go out I don't bother (although I still lug the lot around with me).

So far in terms of "fun of use" I like the Target Brownie Six-20 best. It fits into the current configuration of my camera bag, the handle is still attached and the viewfinder sort-of works. The Coronet Ambassador has a better viewfinder and that neat green filter but it doesn't fit into the bag as easily and the film advances if you don't carry it in your hands.

Braised Mushroom Stem Noodle Soup -- King's Cafe. Page 26 of the menu.

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