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Went to see the Lomo exhibits at Harbourfront on Sunday afternoon. It sucked. We also popped in to see Toronto Grid Works which I have to say did very little for me. There were a few really lovely photos but alot of them were pretty crap. Art: it's subjective. The thing that really bugs me about photo exhibits is the little information card lists the type of print but nothing about the film or camera used.

But now turning it back to me, I'm picking up three rolls of film today and I have a fourth to take in. I can not wait. Waiting for film is like waiting for Christmas. I managed to make it through all the box cameras this weekend! I've been buying box cameras like crazy yet I haven't developed one roll of film from any of them. I guess my reasoning is if I like using them, at least one of them will produce pictures I like.

Notice how I make the camera responsible for the pictures.

This weekend I bought a lot of four box cameras. They include: an Ansco Shur Shot, a black Brownie, a Spartus Full Vue (I'm going to make it into a pinhole), and Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit. This is it. No more camera buying. I figure I've got to have enough cameras to take pictures with by now.

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