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L to R: Spartus Full Vue, Ansco B-2 Cadet, Ansco Shur Shot, Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit

My lot of four box cameras arrived early this morning. Aren't they swell? Three of the cameras take 120 film, and the Brownie Hawkeye takes six-20. The Brownie Hawkeye still has film in it! The guy who sold me the cameras said he didn't open the back so it is possible that the film is still good. I'm going to finish the roll and then take it in.

They were pretty dirty, especially the Shur Shot which has quite a lot of rust. I managed to clean them up a bit this morning but need to really sit down and take them apart a bit more if I really want to get them clean. I did take the front panels off the Ansco cameras and extracted quite a lot of dust and debris.

I like the design of the new Spartus Full Vue better than my other one. It's black bakelite with a really nice deco design. I had thought I would modify the new one into a pinhole but now I don't want to mess with it. I have this wierd thing with preserving objects as they are.

So far, on first glance I'm most excited by the Brownie Hawkeye. I originally wanted this lot most for the Ansco Shur Shot, but now that they're here the Brownie is by far the prettiest and the mid-sized viewfinder makes it a bit easier to use than the Shur Shot.

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