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Taken with Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit

Got a bit of a thing for taking photos of doors and doorways recently. It's all doors, doors, doors. Ummm not "The Doors".

I added a bit of fanciness to my Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit page. Will continue to add fanciness to other camera pages as I find the time.

I'm trying to write a book. Okay who am I kidding... I'm trying to write and design a proposal for a book that hopefully some publisher will like and agree to publish for a small chunk of money. I don't know if I'm supposed to be all secretive or hush hush or whatnot. I don't know what the rules are for this sort of thing. I suppose there is a hazard in revealing my plans for a book if say, I don't finish the proposal, or it isn't bought or it DOES get purchased but then I have a nervous breakdown halfway into writing it and can't finish... There might be a splash of egg on my face if I SAY I'm doing this big thing and it doesn't happen. But on the other hand I get to whip it out in passing conversation. It sounds good and important.

Person: "What are you up to lately?"
Me: "Oh I'm working on a book."

It's a lot of work writing a proposal for a book that I'd like to make. More work than I thought. I thought the book itself would be the hard part. Maybe it is and I don't know that yet because I'm not that far in the process. But the proposal is a bit of a procedure too it seems. Plus I want to design the book myself which is a whole other thing entirely.

Oh the book is about growing plants by-the-way, a topic I'm sure at least half the people coming here could give a toss about. It's one of my other obsessions but since I get that out elsewhere I don't bring it up here much.

Today a friend asked me if I was going to have a launch party. Ummm I'm currently only in the process of writing the proposal for the book that may or may not be bought. Under the best of circumstances, and even if it is bought, it will be a small lifetime in the distant future before it appears in print and (hopefully) in stores across North America. Thankfully I've got alot of time to cultivate becoming a "launch party" type of person.

Plus I was reading the perpetually right on Keri Smith's newest article (who coincidently has a new book out), and I am absolutely the type of person who has the type of reaction she describes. Anytime I unleash something new into the world I experience a very see-saw inner dialogue. It usually goes like this...

"Oh how exciting..."
followed by...
"Oh shit what have I done?"
And then...
"Ya it's good, I like it."
Back to...
"Fuck. I just laid myself bare. Now I need to go hide myself from the prying eyes of the world."

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