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Pinkie's Truck Floor
Taken with Zero 2000 Pinhole

My first roll is back from the Zero 2000 pinhole camera. They're a bit of a disappointment but being a test roll I guess I can't complain much. My problems are either boring subject matter, some kind of minor screw-up or not accounting for the super wide angle. I'm very happy with the near fisheye effect of some of the pics but there is stuff in the pictures that I would have preferred were cropped out. I did one really long night exposure but the people moved about too much so it's all blur and light. Mr. Risk and I did a few experiments at my community garden the other day in which we moved around in the scene over a long exposure. Maybe they will amount to something exciting.

I was horribly disappointed overall by my last few rolls. The other day when I picked them up I felt pretty shitty because all three rolls were either really boring or really crap. Not one picture jumped out at me. I'm usually happy if I get one nice one out of 12 blaw. My initial reaction to the disappointment was paralysis about the idea of continuing to take photos. Like I had hit a peak and now it was all going to be downhill. This started out as a bit of fun and I can see that I'm starting to take it WAY too seriously. I need to be able to make mistakes and learn from them without losing the fun. I think part of this is the pressure I'm feeling over taking photos for the book. I won't be the only one contributing photos to it... in fact I never really intended to be involved in that aspect at all... but it creates a lot of pressure when I'm out in a unique situation and I have that one opportunity to get the photo I need. I suppose I'll just have to learn to live without it.

If photography ceases to be a fun adventure and pasttime then I will have to stop.

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