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Taken with Anscoflex II

One very good day followed by one very bad day.

Sunday we went biking on the island which was heavenly until later when I realised I had overdone it with sun and I couldn't sleep because my bladder hurt so bad.

Monday I went for C.E.D.S allergy testing and for a heavy metal test. While I already knew the answer seeing the numbers on paper has been overwhelming and horrifying. I have very high levels of aluminum, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, and other heavy metals in my body. This wasn't really a surprise as I suspected this, but the shocked look on the face of the tester freaked me out more than anything. Actually the lead was a shock. Fucking LEAD! Alot of it! Anger doesn't begin to describe my current headspace. I came home yesterday after the testing and passed out for two hours. I NEVER nap.

Currently listening to Side 2 of "Abbey Road" by the Beatles. I have been addicted to side two (I don't listen to side one) for nearly a week. I dream the music and lyrics. I'm trying to overdose on it by playing over and over but it's not working. "Because" is the song I like best.

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