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Mr. Risk put me on to this. You think of something and then the system asks you a series of questions in an attempt to guess it. I have only managed to stump it once. Dragon Fruit. I'm so addicted.


As always life is full of opposing forces. Last night I watched Kurosawa's "No Regrets for Our Youth". Sure I fell asleep during the middle, but I can tell you that both the beginning and the end were good.

I have new, very comfortable red shoes. I love them. I'm not a shoe person. I don't understand people who flip out over them. But the red shoes are the perfect deep red. I'm picky about colour. And comfort.

Tomorrow is my birthday. A fun day of relaxation is planned. I can't wait.

The other day we harvested our first cucumbers. They're delicious.

This morning my brother found a crazy bug none of us have seen before. It fell from the ceiling above his computer. He said he spent an hour staring at it.

Last night I got an email about an aunt who is dying. The cancer has reached her brain. They are saying it is a matter of weeks. I think alot about her kids who are very young.

How is it that life is simultaneously lovely, silly, stupidly superficial and brutal all at once?

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