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Lomo LC-A

Wow. I am completely blown away that so many people managed to get their 26 things together... and on time. I think it's going to be a while yet before I get mine done... if I get mine done. I still have film to develop on half-finished rolls. I also have lots of things to actually photograph. I found this project difficult because I take pictures of things I come across rather than making a point to photograph specific things. Okay that's not entirely true because I will go out of my way to pursue something that falls within whatever I'm addicted to at the time. I'm still addicted to doors, garbage, plants and chairs so to be honest I could give a shit about capturing sound, construction or symmetry.

I am continuously amazed by all the little tricks you can apply to photography. I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out how to use a magnifying glass to take up close-ups with the box cameras. If I can get this to work it will expand my possibilites. Look at this beautiful closeup a woman took using her coronet ambassador and a magnifying glass. I have a coronet ambassador and let me tell you seeing that picture blew my mind! I bought one the other day and last night I did tests in the dark with a lamp, a loupe, a magnifying glass and lots of tape in an attempt to figure out how close I can focus with the glass. I'd be out there testing it out for real if the weather would co-operate.

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