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Montreal Fire Hydrant (and garbage chair)

I absolutely love these photos and these photos from the new issue.

Mr. Risk took in a bunch of rolls today but damnit they're making me wait until Friday because I asked for contact prints of my elongated box camera shots. I got sick of getting prints that cut off a chunk of each shot at random so I decided that this time I would get contact prints done even if I have to pay a few bucks more. I just did a test roll of close-ups using the Ansco B-2 Cadet and a magnifying glass I bought at the Science Centre last week. I also shot a roll using my new Lomo LC-A. It's an old one with Cyrillic on it rather than english and instead of ASA it has GOST. Somehow that makes it extra neat. I have to say though that I dislike that goofy little person illustration on the new cameras and am happy not to have it on this one. Finished off what was left in the Kiev and then put it to bed in its box. Sorry. I can only commit to so many cameras at one time. I've thought about selling it but feel bad about giving up on it like that. Seems I'm anthropomorphizing cameras now.

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