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Taken with Ansco B2 Cadet

Yellow at the Garden
Taken with Ansco B-2 Cadet

The above is another magnifying glass experiment. I'm so in love with the pictures. I keep picking up the contact sheet and marvelling. Picture... making... fun...

Tracy has been taking some lovely photos with her Lubitel.

The side 2 medley is still a problem if you can believe it. Lesser but still kicking. Now I've got it on the computer. It's better because I can avoid the last song ('Her Majesty') which I think completely disrupts the mood. I really think it should have ended here, "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."

It's like they wanted to make some sort of point but then they got embarrassed and self-critical and thought they'd better fuck it all up with some dumb shit. "You know all that nice stuff about love, hope and beauty.... we were just fucked up."

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