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We're moving. It's official. I'd be more excited if I didn't have to go through the physical acts of both finding a place and then moving my belongings from here to there. Actually we'll probably pay someone to move the stuff but we'll be the ones packing and unpacking. Someone told me to "Have fun with it.", it being the process of looking at places. I suppose there is some fun in getting to see inside other people's spaces but to be honest I find it kind of uncomfortable -- especially when they're right there watching. So far I've seen two places, both of which were blah. One was grossly misrepresented. It would have been a complete waste of time if I hadn't stopped at the Value Village on the way home. Guess what I got?

It's a nice, compact rangefinder called the Konica C35. It was only $12.99 CDN. It needs a battery though and I'm betting that's going to be a bit of a challenge to procure.

I could have scored what looked to be a better quality Ricoh but while I was looking at it a woman came thundering over and made a HUGE, piercing, high pitched stink about how she "...had asked the lady to hold it but obviously the lady had just put it back into the case blah blah blah...." and then "Sorry to like steal it from you but you know, blah blah blah.... so.... like.... do you think it's a good camera?" So that was that. The politics of the thrift store rear their ugly head. I got the Konica instead.

This morning another camera aka Birthday Present #3 arrived. It's a Great Wall reflex SLR. Sadly I got ripped off by the ebay seller and am in the process of getting some kind of partial refund. The photos and description were of a completely different camera -- a later model with more features and in way better condition. Ebay sucks that way. Sometimes everything goes off without a hitch. No sweat... and sometimes the camera never arrives and the seller disappears. Fuckers.

Great Wall Camera

Anyways I took it out on my lunch break today and finished the test roll. God it is such a fun camera to use! I'm such a pathetic sucker for little fidgety gadgetry. The more antiquated doodads, thingys and levers to push the more fun! The only thing that drives me nuts about this camera is that you must cock the shutter in order to see through the viewfinder. But the viewfinder is awesome once you can see through it. In order to cock the shutter you must set the shutter speed so unfortunately you are now locked in and commited for that next picture even if all you wanted to do was look. But it still rocks. I hope. Have to wait until Friday when I get the prints back to confirm.

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