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Taken with the Great Wall DF-

Four hours on the bus.

That's what I'm doing tomorrow evening. We're going for a weekend trip to visit Mr. Risk's dad. Neither of us have a license to drive (we're both 30+) so we're always dependant on public transportation. It's never a problem living in a large city such as this, but as soon as I leave the city I'm instantly aware of just how car dependant the rest of the world is.

I prefer to take the train when possible. The train is nice. It has multiple bathrooms without sploshy blue liquid. It has leg room... and that's in coach! Sadly our destination is nowhere near a VIA RAIL station. After Florida I vowed never to take the bus again, but secretly I knew I was kidding myself. I knew deep down that what I really meant was that I would never take the bus in the U.S ever again.... Happily our Greyhound service in Canada is FAR, FAR superior to the American service. My apologies America, but travelling via your cross country bus system is like stepping into the inner depths of some kind of living hell!

So tomorrow a four hour bus ride into rural Ontario. Blah.


Mr. Risk finally answered his questions!

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