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Taken with the Windsor

The other day Mr. Risk and I were watching the film Spider, which as an aside was visually beautiful in that dark-around-the-edges, beautiful decay way I love and shows a more mature side to David Cronenberg. I have always found his depictions of sex relations to be embarrassingly adolescent with over-the-top and rather silly Freudian themes.... not that this film lacked in Freudian themes, just less so.

But I digress, there was a scene in the film in which the main character was sitting in a crappy little cafe (in England) and behind his head was an ad that read "Keep Britain Tidy" over a pastoral scene. Well that just cracked me up. It was so fucking polite. Our own ads here in Canada have not been far off at times, having been a British Colony and all. I made a joke that here we'd have signs that read "Kindly Keep Canada Clean" or "Kindly Remove Your Rubbish Won't You".

I don't know... that kind of bizarre politeness, however engendered into our culture just makes me laugh it does.

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