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Orange Campervan
Taken with Holga 120

Recently I have begun scanning the negatives of photos I took several months ago. Because of the scanner I no longer get any of my 120 film printed. I simply have it developed and then scan it all myself. It's a bit time-consumming but I'm discovering that it is worth the extra effort. It turns out that many of the photos that I thought were boring, badly framed, or lacking in vignetting and other toy camera quirks are actually good photos with all those assets. It's just that some photolabs either crop light leaks out thinking they're giving you the best print possible, a bit of the pic gets cut out in order to add borders, or the colours are off.

I'm discovering that photos I took way back in May and June are good or actually just better than I had thought. While I think my photos have improved greatly over the last six months, my perception of the quality six months ago was off.

Take the above campervan photo for example. This was taken on my second roll through the Holga. I really did like the picture at the time, but the other night I scanned the negative and discovered that it was much better than the initial print from the lab. See a scan of the original print here.

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