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Looks Like India
Taken with Holga 120

The Municipal election is over. The candidate I chose for mayor won but sadly the candidate I chose for councillor of my ward lost.


Had the task of chosing my WTCD photo tonight. Got it down to four and then struggled. It was so difficult because sadly the weather sucked that day and they aren't some of my best photos. I had some Spartus images from that day that were cross processed and I'll be posting a few soon. It was my first foray into x-processing... and an unintended one. I had purchased a bunch of old film ages ago and didn't realize one of them was slide film until I took the roll in for processing the other day and the guy at the counter asked me if I wanted x-processing. Sadly of my two Spartus Full-Vues that's the one with the crappy light leaks so most of the photos are blah. Basically they're just really crazy bright green. My brother thought I should submit one of them as my WTCD submission but I felt it was too gimicky.

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