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Taken with Windsor (Diana Clone) 120

This is one of the WTCD images that made it into my final four. That's all I can say at this time as voting is still going on.


Lately I've been wondering how people came to refer to taking a photo as "shooting". eg. "Stand over here so I can shoot you."

Ummm o-kay.

The history of language is interesting to me and you've got to admit this is a pretty weird bit of slang. Yesterday a friend showed us a photo of a Russian camera called a Robot with the longest, craziest, scariest lens that truly exemplified the term. I can also imagine that perhaps it came into use during wartime when photographers first got into the field with soldiers. Or perhaps it had something to do with the explosion of chemicals when the first flashes were used. Maybe it's something crazier and more abstract say, like, how you're killing time when you capture a moment on film (the photo as a memento mori), that someone thought up while lounging on a velvet chaise smoking opium. Who knows? Anyways it's a bit violent and I'm conscious of that when I'm saying it.

I'm not suggesting we change the slang and start using a new fluffy bunny term like "sparkling" or "hugging"... I'm just saying.

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