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Taken with Holga

The results of WTCD are in. I did not win but I did pretty well overall. Shown above is another of the final four contenders that I did not use.


I actually had an unusually full, completely recreational activity-based weekend. On Friday we went to the R.O.M cause it's free on Fridays after 4:30pm and I like free... We were attempting to see the Art Deco show (not free but rate reduced) but the lines were too long and I hate lines. I don't like Art Deco that much. The visit was okay except that all my favourite sections (especially the Chinese Art sections) were closed for the renovations they're doing to the building. Personally I think it's going to be an ugly Postmodern disaster when it's complete and I hate the look of the new galleries which are very open and minimalist. Bring back the stuffy, dark rooms filled with wood cases and cheesy full-sized dioramas of taxidermied animals damn it! Because my favourite galleries were closed, we instead saw my second favourite gallery, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Visiting this gallery always means a stop at Palette of Narmor 3000 B.C, literally the only thing I remember both the name and date of from first year Art History class.

After the R.O.M we went to see Elephant. I really liked the slow meandering shots in which the camera followed the teens closely as they walked around the school. I also loved that the lighting seemed mostly natural.

We got very lucky on Saturday when we decided to give Ward's Island a go before it gets too cold. It seems the Island was the only place in Toronto with sun for any stretch of time this weekend. In fact it appeared as we approached the Island from the ferry that the clouds lifted and a ray of sun decended. As we scurried about snapping pictures I kept muttering "We are so damn lucky". I was sure it would give out at any moment but it lasted until the usual winter sundown time of 4pm.

On Sunday we went downtown to purchase pants and found ourselves in the middle of The Santa Claus Parade. Both Mr. Risk and I HATE crowds and try to avoid any and all events that may include large hourds of people whenever possible. It was fairly entertaining for the few minutes we caught as we travelled down the street along the route in an attempt to get away from the crowds. There was one float full of kids dressed as chickens with somber looks on their faces that I wish I had taken a picture of. Between the parade and a brief stint at the mall I've already heard more fucking xmas music than I can stand.

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