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Taken with Zero 2000 Pinhole

Various Thoughts

  • I finished my scarf yesterday. It is ever-so-slightly itchy on my bare neck and chin. Alas I may have to switch to those super soft synthetic yarns.
  • Am SOOOO looking forward to next week's No-client-work-winter-cleanup-extravaganza. If you're expecting an email reply from a month back I may actually get to it.
  • The holiday season is drawing near and with it all the bullshit that comes with the people I never hear from coming out of hibernation and wanting to talk, see, whatever. The baby jesus does not care if you call me during the holidays. "Lumps of coal for all of you", I say.
  • After 15 years as a New Order fan I've finally commited to "Ceremony" as my favourite song even though it's a Joy Division song.

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