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Taken with the Lomo LC-A

A joint gallery up on by myself and Mr. Risk. These photos were taken way back in June. Wish I hadn't used the photo of the red wall.

We didn't link to our photo sites. I've been doing this site nearly a year now and I'm still not sure how I feel about having clients find it. I started this site as a place where I could be more personal and honest without worrying about who was reading it. I have been and continue to work very hard at creating a conscious and contemplative life for myself. This has partially sprung from a great need to bring more of my inner life into the things I make. Over the years and for lots of reasons, this became increasingly difficult for me to do. Sure I could keep the process to myself (and there is plenty I do keep private), but making this site was my small attempt at reconciling two parts of my whole in a more public way.

There are things I think we all need to keep private for ourselves, but I also think there are too many things people keep private for the wrong reasons. If we're more open about who we are in a more public way, that should and could be something good for everyone.

I talk about documentary film a lot because I think it can be a great medium for acheiving that. The best and most moving documentaries are always the ones in which the humanity of people's lives, both good and bad are explored honestly. That line gets crossed and becomes something negative with the opposite effect when those bad parts of life are exploited. This seems to have become a growing problem (especially in television) recently. We're creating a culture that seems more open on the surface, but on another level we're turning what makes ourselves human into spectacle... and spectacle seems to be a tool for creating distance. I used to be more open to the idea, but I'm pretty sure now that it's not a good thing.

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