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Fall Tree
Taken with the Windsor
(several second hand-held exposure... I am a human tripod)

Today I had one of those perfect, beautiful moments in which everything meshes just right.

I was riding in a cab, looking out the window and listening to music on the walkman. The song I was listening to was "It Never Entered My Mind", a quiet, contemplative piece by Miles Davis. Lately I have been seeking out music with that characteristic... that minimal, haunting trumpet (suggestions are always welcome).

As I travelled in the car, I sought the expressions on the faces of the people in the street. I can tell you that they were not happy expressions... but they were honest.

The rhythm of the car, the scenery as it trailed out of sight, the mood of the music... it was all in perfect synchronicity. Sad and glum but wonderfully beautiful none-the-less.


I have made a few small changes to my links and about pages. With so many entires piling up I have collected some personal favourites together.

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