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Taken with Holga

This photo was my attempt at the Toy Camera Group Project "Shoot From the Hip". The project requirements included; no use of the viewfinder, black and white film, and the inclusion of people in the shot. This proved to be difficult for me. I nearly always use the viewfinder (which is why I rarely crop my photos), and I never take photos of people I don't know. I ended up taking two photos total, that actually met the project requirements, and the second was underexposed.


In other news my holiday gift, the Horizon 202 panoramic camera arrived. The film is loaded but due to low light levels I have not taken any photos. I have however carried the camera, in it's special bag, around the apartment like a total spaz. Just like a kid with a new toy.

Despite being exhausted beyond belief last night, I managed to blow a few hours reading up on the use of this camera. That was followed by an MTV marathon of some show I'd never heard of (and wished I hadn't) called "Rich Girls". I love the way the class war is played out on television. Rich girls are either insanely stupid, "over-sexed" (in the words of one of the girl's big daddy), incredibly naive, fucked up... or all of the above. We get it. Mind you I continued to watch it through a few half hour shows so who's the moron in this scenerio?

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