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lubitel 166u

Taken with Lubitel 166U

Thought I'd post some more Lubitel photos for the people coming from the Yayhooray thread.

Now that I've tried out a variety of Lubitel models (except the 166b), my favourite, by far, is the Lubitel 2 (with english characters). It may come down to aesthetic appeal, but the 166U is a fairly ugly, mottled-look, lightweight plastic while the older models are bakelite with nicer styling. The Lubitel 2 had a good weight in my hand while the 166U feels like... cheap plastic... which it is.

In case you're wondering, I buy a portion of my film on ebay. For the lubitels, the box cameras, and the pinhole, I buy up lots of slightly out-of-date agfa optima 100 asa (colour). I'm rarely so lucky with 400 asa or other types of film but I can always count on finding cheap 100 asa film.


My first roll from the Horizon is coming back today. Sadly the lab I use does not print from swing lens panoramics so I'm going to have to do the scanning myself. I shot about half a roll of colour film yesterday but kept forgetting to check the level. What's worse is that many of those shots were of walls and buildings, of which I already expected a certain amount of distortion due to the 120 degree curved swing of the lens following such a linear surface. oops.

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