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The Tracks II
Taken with Horizon 202

See another. Tracks I

I love the old-tymey look of this photo. Several of my first roll Horizon shots developed this look. I say "developed" because the first roll was a whole lot of guesswork and I wasn't expecting this result. But now that I know how to get it, you can bet I'll be working at it intentionally.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the panoramic format. We made a trip to High Park yesterday for some much needed exercise to counteract an assload of holiday ass sitting, and of course, to take some pictures. I have now managed to complete a couple of rolls of colour film through the Horizon. I've tried a few experiments so we'll see how they work out.

While I love the expansive width of the image, the biggest difficultly is keeping things out of the picture. I have stated before that I nearly always use the viewfinder, as I make a concerted effort to crop in camera rather than elsewhere. But with so much width to cover, it's no easy task, especially in the city. My aim, with probably every photo I take, is to crop out certain contemporary details that date the photo too much; mainly cars. I've joked in the past about my tendency to eliminate people from photos, but cars are actually a MUCH, MUCH bigger issue. I don't like the styling of most contemporary cars and I especially don't like them in my photos. I know I'm depicting a distorted reality of life in the city, but I suppose that's the reality of picture-taking. I take photos of how I see, not necessarily what I see.

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