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*All Star Cafe*
Taken with Holga

I took some photos of this building with the Horizon on the same day I took this photo. I thought they were going to be killer, but was shocked to discover they were okay but this one was good. Sometimes you just never know.


I'm discovering the magic of leaveless trees. At first I started obsessively photographing the roots, but now I'm looking up. In the past I have been desperate for spring to bring back the leaves, but this year I'm appreciating the bareness. Without the leaves I can see the shape and structure of the tree itself. Older trees are especially fascinating.


I came up with a slogan for 2004 a few weeks back. I like to do that although there hasn't been a good one since 1997. It's all just in fun because I have never been able to mark January as a new year -- the result of a lifetime in Southern Ontario and so many years within the educational system in which September always felt like the start of something new and January was just an inbetween stage.

This one doesn't really rhyme although I originally thought of "more" to rhyme with "four". Feel more. See more. Think more. While it may seem that feeling and thinking can't go together, recent experience has taught me they can and do.

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