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Taken with Great Wall DF-

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Mr. Risk picked up more film yesterday... haven't even scanned a bunch of it and don't have time. I've got a tight deadline that I'll have to work hard on over the weekend.

It's very exciting though! Getting film back is like Xmas, and possibly just as expensive. I'm dying to see what's on the remaining rolls and waiting for the chance to scan is a special kind of torture. I just hate not knowing!

Recently we've been taking photos on a film set. So far the locations have been rich with character... and so have the actors! I took a roll of portraits (and a few of the crew) with the Great Wall camera that I'm very happy with. People photos are difficult and unnerving for me. The discomfort prevents me from really seeing and focussing attention to what I'm doing and I'm often unhappy with the result. However, these turned out nicely and I'm proud of having done it... even if only for 12 shots (it was too cold to change the film).

Sadly my Horizon shots from that scene were chewed up by the camera. That was a heartbreaking experience that I could have lived without. I had high hopes for those photos. The sky was looming and full of texture and I was sure between the location and the activity that I would have had some nice photos. Damn it! However, on the other hand I've managed to scan a few Horizon frames from another location and they look good. This location was an old bowling alley that was unbelievable and very surreal... like bowling in someone's crazy rec room.

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