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Yellow Chair
Taken with Great Wall DF-

I took this photo in between takes on the set of the film (called "Moss"). Canadian film "star" Jayne Eastwood (Jayne says "there are no Canadian stars and [her] bank account can prove it!") was sitting on this chair wrapped in that blanket only moments prior. But here it's just a yellow chair with a yellow blanket on a snowy roof.


I never would of thunk it but having too many new photos to choose from is nearly as bad as having none. Lately I've been flailing and floundering in my daily attempts to choose something to post here (feelings probably contributed by deadline freakout). I'm wanting to do a proper gallery elsewhere (we registered another domain last week) but have no time. NO TIME!

I've been trying to relax and de-stress as best I can but my big project deadline is looming (Friday) and it's fully freaking me out. I'm working with massive files so of course my computer can't go fast enough to keep me happy. To put my impatience in better perspective I try to recall circa 1995/96 and the era of 10+ minutes just to save a file.

The lesson and even the challenge of this situation hasn't escaped me. I can manage stress fairly well now when it comes in little spurts, but struggle when it hits like a ton of bricks. SERENITY NOW!

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