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horizon carwash

Taken with Horizon 202

Bonus: Car Wash/Touch of Class photo


My brother and I have discussed a plan to go visit the town/city where we grew up this spring. It's a photo-taking peace-mission-type expedition. The idea is to go visit all the neighbourhoods that come up in our dreams and memories. There will be no socialising or seeing people or hanging out. It's a personal thing with a purpose.

My personal mission is to take pictures. I have had a very strong urge for some time now to go back and really capture the mood and emotions of those places. It will be good for my peace-of-mind. My brother's plan is to just see those places. Who knows what will come of it.

I think it's a brilliant idea. I can't wait. If it wasn't for the winter I'd go now. But neither of us drive so our best bet is to try and rent some bikes when we get there and do our "tour" that way.

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