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Taken with Great Wall DF-

The weather has been amazing these last few days. It's funny how your perception of "nice weather" changes throughout the year. I was ecstatic when I heard it was 0 degress. Five months ago 0 degrees registered as the beginning of the end. Now it's the begininning of the end of winter. It was so warm I broke out the SX-70!

We walked like mad all across town yesterday. My muscles are sore today proving how out-of-shape I become during the winter without the bike riding and gardening. I scored big on two sets of three close-up lenses. I can't wait to get outside with them today. Unfortunately it will be pure guess-work with the lenses I bought for the toy cams. Since they both have rolls in them I can't do a distance test.

I also bought a new camera bag in the Henry's discount store. My camera backpack was great in the summer for riding bikes or its ability to hold 6+ cameras plus film, accessories and a bottle of water. Unfortunately it was difficult to use in the winter and only encouraged me to continuously break my back loading it up to capacity. My new bag was only 20 bucks but I saw it elsewhere for $90. It has tons of compartments and plastic bits that pull out and over the bag like a raincoat! Fancy.

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