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Taken with Great Wall DF- (with close-up filter)

I'm loving the new close-up filters. They came in a set of three but I've been sticking to the no. 2. Mr. Risk has been posting some photos he took with the no. 4 and they are crazy close with a teeny, tiny depth of field. Not having macro capabilites with any of the film cameras (save the box camera with magnifying glass trick) kept me tied to the digital camera. It's nice to have some flexibility.


I just had a crazy weekend. I truly need to sort out a day off sometime soon. I'm pretty burned out. Today was the deadline for choosing shots to put into the Toy Camera coffee table book. It was insanely difficult narrowing it down to four images. To start the process I selected and printed a STACK (close to 100 I'd bet) of my best b&w photos taken with either the Holga or the Winsdor. The whole process made me realize how many photos I've taken in the last five months. If I were to print every photo, taken with every camera, both colour and black & white... that would be a scary pile of photos.

Sadly I also discovered that when it comes down to it I much prefer the colour photos I have taken with the toy cameras. There wasn't one black & white image that stood up to orange chair in my opinion.


We went for brunch at The Drake on Sunday. Can't say I'll be doing that again anytime soon. Pretty to look at but too rich for my blood.

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