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Taken with Great Wall DF-

Here's one from way back in early December.

I blew the entire afternoon today attempting to put together the Dirkon paper pinhole. Actually I put together a simplified version that was posted on a while back. Unfortunately I used cardstock that was too thick and the film holding areas are too damn tight. I also can't quite figure out how to load it and don't have an empty 35mm cartridge to use for take-up.... and the back doesn't fit. But other than that it's really solid and fairly indestructable due to layers upon layers of tape.

In order to make up for the wasted time I decided to finish assembling the Spartus Full-Vue pinhole. Now all I have to do is construct a tripod mount. While I was on a roll I disassembled the Lubitel 2 pinhole and made a new hole for it. This time I used an acupunture needle (yay for acupuncture!) instead of a sewing needle. The hole is significantly smaller so I'm hoping for better photos this time around.


Yesterday we attended the Toronto Photobloggers Meet-up. Conversation started out slow but once the cameras came out it was a full-on geekfest.

Since we were in the area Mr. Risk and I popped over to the photo discount store to see if there was any good crap on discount. I bought some filters for my Polaroid bellows Land Cameras and a telephoto and wideangle lens kit made to fit the Konica C35 MF. Unfortunately I don't have that camera but I did have the Konica C35... which I gave to my brother several months back. The lens kit cost about two bucks so I took a chance and bought it. Turns out they don't fit the rangefinder as the MF camera is an autofocus camera. However, oddly enough they just happen to fit an old Nikon instamatic we have.

Now my brother has never really loved the Konica rangefinder. He wanted a camera to document some of his dj nights and the rangefinder is useless in that environment. He can't see to focus. Mr. Risk and I have no use for the super automatic Nikon camera because we like manual cameras. So in the end I did a trade with my brother. I traded back the Konica C35 and in exchange gave him the automatic Nikon and the lens kit. So much confusion.

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