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Taken with Kodak Instamatic

Well "Sibling Hometown Tour 2004" isn't happening this weekend. Last night I found a piece of negative from my childhood Kodak Instamatic camera and thought this photo should be posted to commemorate it. The negative looked like it had been through some hard times.

This is my brother and I sitting on the hydro box behind our childhood home. I have no idea who took this photo but I know it was from my camera because one other photo on the strip was taken by me at Scary Christian Camp that same year (1985). Plus my parents didn't own a camera! Can you believe that! This camera was a birthday gift from someone (probably my aunt) and I wasn't even allowed to use it for the most part on account of the price of developing and the fact that I didn't get an allowance.

We often make jokes about how all the neighbourhood kids are probably sterile on account of that box. It was our subdivision's version of a front stoop. It was used as home base for games of tag and hide-and-seek, as well as the place we sat and talked shit through the long days of summer. You can also bet that a lot of small kids have had their heads bashed against the side of that thing or been pushed off by larger, nastier kids. Ah youth!

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