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Fisher Price Elephant
Taken with Zero 2000 Pinhole

This is one of those indoor pinholes I took on World Pinhole Day. The weather was really awful, forcing me to try something indoors. Basically I just turned a spotlight on this old Fisher Price toy. I don't like the harsh white spot on it's back. I also got a roll back from the Spartus pinhole and the pictures are crap. I was too lazy (and sick) to make a tripod. I was hoping for a nice, shakey softness, but instead I got crazy shakey blotches of nothing with a giant light flare down the side of each photo. Live and learn.


This morning I awoke from a terrible anxiety-filled dream. In the dream I was art directing a photo shoot but it was way behind schedule. I had the idea to have the photo for a garden-related product ad taken in a discusting, dark stairwell -- the type of place I would take my usual photos. Interestingly enough I did figure out a way to use a tripod on stairs through the dream.

Anyway, the shoot was just supposed to be the model, the photographer and myself, but everytime I turned around there were more people. Oh one other funny thing was when I got there no one was around but the camera was set up. The camera was this fancy, hi-end tlr. For some reason I set-up my Lubitel next to it. It looked pretty sad and pathetic sitting there next to that fancy schmancy camera.

So I realised the dark stairwell was a bad idea for a gardening product and decided to have the photos shot indoors (suddenly there was an indoor location) and in the bright, cheery lawn/garden that just happened to magically appear next to the dark stairwell. But then I realised I needed flowers. So I ran down the street to try and find a corner store that sold potted spring bulbs or pansies or something. But when I got to the corner there were no less then five stores but not one of them sold flowers. Instead they were those bleak "party stores" I saw in Detroit many years ago that were all bricked up with one tiny window and lots of bullet-proof glass. Oh I forgot to mention that the dream was set in New York City. So then I ran back to the set and when I got there the crew had expanded again! There were now at least twenty people sitting around complaining about how behind schedule we were but no one was doing anything but sitting. The rest of the dream was basically me running around acheiving nothing, the crew of ass-sitters growing larger and larger and the photographer and model somehow magically getting everything done that I was trying to do but with little effort.

Needless to say I know what the dream means. Not good.


I was interviewed for this New York Times article on gardening a while back and it came out today. Madness.

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