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Discarded Mountain Scene
Shot with Nikon D70

I really wanted to post a pic from the new camera today but man was it hard. I like the camera for it's intended use; photos of plants. That's working out great! But the photos I have taken just for me have been blah, blah, blah. I like other people's pictures taken with digital slrs but not my own. I think I'm just used to striving for and attaining a certain look from my film cameras that I can't capture with a digital.

It's frustrating. I can't see what is there because I only see what isn't. I may have to just use as it was intended and get over it already. But on some days its the only camera I carry and when I see something...

I had speculated before buying the camera that once the book was done the camera would be adopted by Mr. Risk. That's likely going to be the case unless something shifts.

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