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Poles and Person
Taken with Seagull 202

Just a note to say that The Beaver cafe has become our unofficial portrait studio. Many, many photos have been taken there.

The above is from the Seagull 202 camera Bob sent way back when. Not an easy camera to use. It's very fiddly in a fairly unintuitive way. Lots of levers in awkward places and checking and double checking and shutter cocking and whatnots. Sure does look cool though!

I had lots of trouble with the winding mechanism because it is medium format film but has a 35mm style mechanism rather than the usual medium format turny knob. This is one of the photos that experienced some accidental slippage.


Oh and before I forget Spacing magazine is launching issue 2 this Thursday at the El Mocambo. They will be projecting photos! We're going to break with our long tradition of antisocial behaviour and actually go.

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