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1283 Queen ST. W
Taken with Seagull 203

A photo from the Milky Way.


We enjoyed ourselves last night at the Spacing magazine launch. I especially enjoyed the night ride to and fro. I know it sounds pathetic that I'm getting excited about a bike ride but people I have been a working machine who hasn't gone out in the evening (except for walks around the hood) in a very long time. Night-time biking is so much fun because the air is cool and there is less threat of death by car. Anyways a lot of people came out. The place was packed and SWEATY. I ran into Rannie who introduced me to Adam of Inconduit, and Sam of Top Left Pixel.

Here's a photo of one of Mr. Risk's photos projected and here's one of mine.

The new issue is great. Especially the East End Laneway article which is a topic that is close to my heart ...except that I'm a west end girl who rarely steps foot into the east side of town. Which is why I invite you to read Matt B's west end alley article from Issue 1.

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