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Bone with Ants
Taken with Nikon D70 and close-up filter

Busy day. I had a different photo slotted to go here but then we went to the camera store where I bought a filter set to fit the Nikon. I took this photo on the way home and am so thrilled to have my short depth of field back. Yay.

They had tons of cameras in the used section at the back of the discount store. Toronto people... run to Henry's. We spent quite a while there mulling over old camera bits. In the end I chose an old Spartus folding 120 camera from 1939. It's all metal and takes square photos. Mr. Risk picked up a small 35mm rangefinder. The cameras came to $23.00 CDN total!

A super camera geek started a conversation with us but lost me within the first five seconds when he started raving about some super excellent lens "A marvel of engineering!" that had been scratched. "Broke his heart..." it did. I can't really say much because I can be as geeky at times, but when it comes to lenses you might as well be talking about hockey. I blank out. Eyes glaze over. My expertise/interest in lenses goes as far as "glass or plastic".

It's been a crazy camera day. Mr. Risk purchased a Zenit camera kit AGES ago that finally arrived from overseas this morning. So all day it's been trying lenses, opening cameras, testing shutters. Cameras, cameras, cameras, cameras! My head is exploding.

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