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Fridge and Stove Bits
Taken with Mamiya C330

Scenes such as this will become scarce in this area as remnants of the used appliance district (aka "No Man's Land") are pushed out to make room for restaurants and galleries.

God help us all World Cup is on. I caught this crazy scene crossing College Street yesterday evening on my way back from the Farmer's Market. This guy was the street clown stopping traffic and forcing drivers to kiss the flag. It took me a few minutes of standing and watching to realize I had a camera and maybe I should take some photos. People doing stuff just isn't my usual subject. One good thing I can say about loud honking, crazy manic street rabble-rousing is that no one seemed to notice the camera.

This last photo is more my style. This was the last photo I took as I turned the corner away from the action and towards home.

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