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Scary Trees
Taken with the Windsor/Diana Hybrid

Doorbell in the sky.

Another Spartus folding camera photo.


We spotted four American Kestrels hanging out on the tracks yesterday. Actually the first sighting of one bird was hovering beside our deck which freaked us out because baby bird is still living there in a box. Last week we had two birds but the first little bird died over the weekend. The second bird is doing very well and has developed into a fledgling. It's only a matter of time before the baby is ready to leave the nest for good. It has already successfully jumped out of the box but can't fly. Baby starlings have a stage just before leaving their parents' care in which they jump from the nest and live on the ground. The parents still feed them but also teach them to forage for food and fly. I honestly don't know how any starling babies have developed to maturity here since there is no ground. Baby bird is essentially going to have to live out those days on the deck. When that happens we will not be able to protect the baby from the kestrels and we will have to keep the cat inside permenantly (she's going to be pissed). This whole kestrel thing has really thrown us off. I'm happy to see a group of raptors living nearby but don't want baby bird to become their next meal. Everytime I go outside I hear them calling one another and see them flying nearby.

Here's a photo of baby bird taken today.

UPDATE: 3:00 pm - The baby has left the nest. This time I found it on the ground between the buildings. I have no idea how it got down three stories unharmed but it was fine. He/She is likely ready to leave so I'm not going to try to bring it back. I watched from the window and after some initial panic, both parents have found the baby and are attending to it. It has lots of weeds to hang out in and should be okay where it is. I feel like a parent with a child off to college.

I love what Andreas has done to showcase his cameras. I also really love these pinholes done with an illy coffee can. I really like illy coffee.

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