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Taken with Nikon D-70 with close-up filter

One of the better memories from this weekend is of our visit to The Hobby Shop. The Hobby Shop is a St. Catharines staple that has always had a fond place in my heart. If you press your hand against the hand on the window a hobby train moves around the track.

One side of the shop is filled with model cars, rocket kits and model scale stuff. I bought a bunch of models to photograph including the one pictured above.

The other side of the shop is filled with crafty shit and dollhouse miniatures. When I was a kid I spent hours looking at the miniatures. I was obsessed with tiny food packages, little lamps that lit up or other replicas that really worked. I still have a thing for both. They actually had amazing miniature 70's era Fisher Price packages the other day but at 10 bucks a pop I thought better than to buy them. I collect Fisher Price Little People and Adventure People Kits from that era. I also collect Huskies and Chunkies.

One Xmas I got a balsa wood dollhouse kit. It was unbuilt and after months of waiting for someone to put it together I decided to do it myself. It was quite a tricky feat because the entire thing was held together with glue and small nails. It certainly wasn't a beginner project for kids. Soon after, when the shape was built without much detailing applied, my brother got pissed at me for something and smashed it to bits with a hammer.

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