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Hometown Tour: Former Towers/Food City Parking Lot
Taken with Holga

See Also: Cleanup (taken behind Towers/Food City Parking Lot)

Another feature from the geography of my childhood. This parking lot holds a lot of memories for me. I can't possibly tally up the number of times I cut through it on the way to Beckers, Avondale, Towers, Food City, to meet friends, to go to the wine kiosk (underage) to purchase the Blue Jean wine (aka "Moody Blue" I liked the label design because it looked like jeans and reminded me of Degrassi High. Always a sucker for packaging.), to walk to Carleton Public School and later Laura Secord Secondary School, to buy cigarettes (holding a note asking for Players Light Regular, Export A Regular) and a three litre bag of milk for my parents... I can't recall how many times I rode in or pushed a friend in an abandoned cart through the lot.

And it really hasn't changed much at all. Well the scenery has changed and the stores have changed but the lot itself is the same, perhaps a little worse for wear. They haven't painted fresh lines or fixed the cracks since I was a kid and the seagulls still congregate in droves.



Today I finished writing my first book.

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