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Archie and the Prince
Taken with Nikon D70

This evening walking back from the Farmer's Market I stopped to photograph a building when from behind me:

"Hey, over here. Take our picture!"
"Sure. What do you think of this?" Shows the image on the screen.
"I like it! We look good."
"What are your names?"
"He's Archie, I'm ___" (I forget. I'm bad with names.)
"Hi. Nice to meet you."
"So I'm the Prince."
"Oh ya? Of what?"
"You know the Princess Diane? Diana? She's still got the yacht. She's still over there. I'm her brother."
"Okay. Well have a nice evening. Bye."

What's interesting is that "The Prince" was very enthusiastic and bubbly but specifically chose a serious pose turned away from the camera. As soon as I turned the camera off he reverted back to excited and bubbly.

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