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Canadian National Exhibition (1995)
Taken with Canon AE-1

See another CNE picture from 1995.

Last night I got the idea to go through a stack of old 35mm film from 1995 to see if I had anything salvagable in there. I found a roll taken at the C.N.E. one afternoon. I only had one roll of film and got in free because they used to have a "free admission before noon on Tuesdays" deal. So I went and shot one roll of film and then left. I was a poor student and couldn't afford to purchase even one more lousy roll.

At the time I was taking non-silver photography. My film is very grainy because it was HP5 film pushed in-camera. The intention was to produce massive grain for non-silver printing. Anyway, it's strange because I remember printing some of these images in the darkroom but have little to no memory of actually taking the pictures. I remember going to the C.N.E and leaving when I ran out of film but don't really remember the taking of the pictures.

I see some similarities in style but really only in a few rolls taken in those years during University. Most of it looks like it could have been taken by someone else entirely. That makes sense because I was so uncomfortable and intimidated by photography as a whole back then. My process was much like writing is for me now.... slowly pulling teeth. I notice that in a lot of projects I kept pushing a certain aesthetic that I wouldn't dream of bothering with now.... something forced that definitely did not work. I have contemplated just shredding that film but fuck, I don't know if I can, even though it's a load of crap that I'll never use...

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