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Hometown Tour: King Donuts
Taken with Great Wall DF-

When I was a kid, St. Catharines was in the Guiness Book of Records for having the most donut shops per capita. I believe Hamilton or Burlington (or both) also held this record at one point. There were five donut shops within walking distance of my house alone. My step-father had a rather large donut shop addiction. He didn't really eat the donuts, but he couldn't get enough of going there to drink shitty coffee and smoke Players Light Regular TM. I spent so much of my youth sitting in donut shops drinking hot chocolate and sucking back second-hand smoke that I made a site dedicated to donut culture. I took it down when things got out-of-hand.

The donut shop shown above is gone but they left the sign up in back. King Donuts was one of our locals but we didn't go there often. It was your typical donut shop with a twist. They had found a way to mesh two favourite local activities, drinking coffee and drinking booze by putting a donut shop in front and a bar in back. Kind of like a mullet really; business up front, party in the back. As we sat at the booth in the donut shop front I made every effort to see what was going on back there. It was probably empty, but my childhood mind concocted all kinds of possible ellicit and illegal activities.

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