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Hometown Tour: Lakeside Park
Taken with Holga

"Lakeside Park
Willows in the breeze
Lakeside Park
So many memories
Laughing rides
Midway lights
Shining stars on summer nights

Yes people. THAT Lakeside Park. I'm pretty sure this snackbar was there in Neil Peart's day cause it sure as shit was in mine. I actually started drawing a comic version of this song when I was 18 but I didn't finish. I did the part about gathering on the 24th of May.... and you know, drinking a two-four of Labbatt's in the sand with your buddies... baseball caps high on the head... no shirt, farmer's tan, playing Frisbee, super-tight jeans with a comb in the back pocket. My brother and I looked for those guys but we didn't see any. So I suppose some things have changed.

*This one's for Bob whom I've heard loves his Rush.

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