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Balloon Game
Taken with the Windsor/Diana Hybrid

When I was four, the balloon game was my favourite. I was fairly certain that with my balloon-bursting skills I could grow up to be a balloon game pro. The only prize I remember was an over-sized metal pinback button (the type that had a lithoed image) depicting a cartoon bunny with the words "I wuv you".

I just watched "Life and Debt" a documentary that chronicles the effect of globalization on Jamaica. The film is structured around excerpts from "A Small Place" by Jamaica Kincaid. The website's about the film page is worth a read. Further proof that the way we continue to fuck one another over for a buck is disgusting. Who stole the soul?

Last night we rented Criterion's reissue of "Do the Right Thing" with lots of behind-the-scenes footage and info.

I'm currently reading "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a really interesting and well-written book. The kind I could easily finish in one day if I had the time. Interestingly enough The Roots just came out with an album called "Tipping Point". I haven't heard it yet. I was disappointed by their last album although the cover design was very nice.

But Talib Kweli is coming out with a new album at the end of this month. I'm highly anticipating that one. I'm always curious to see which Nina Simone songs are sampled. Sinnerman was used on the last one and he actually rewrote Four Women on the previous album called For Women.

I've had several camera conversations with strangers on the street recently. Three people stopped me yesterday alone about the Nikon D70. And on Saturday a woman asked me about the Great Wall. An interesting result of the dominancy of colour 35mm film in the consumer market is that people commonly assume that 1. An old camera like the Great Wall takes black and white pictures only and 2. That the pictures are "old". Whatever the questions people ask and no matter what camera they're asking about, the final inevitable question is always "Are you a photographer?" Maybe I need to get the t-shirt.

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