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Canadian Tireez
Taken with Nikon D70

We rode our bikes up to The Junction yesterday for something to do. The Junction Art Festival just happened to be on so that kind of blew our plans. But then we got back on our bikes heading north and came across this abandoned Canadian Tire that has been turned into a graffiti practice canvas. I say practice cause most of the artwork stank. But it was still pretty incredible to see a Canadian Tire revamped like that. The boys who were painting milled around with their shirts off drinking beers while an audience of girls hung around looking cute. Ah youth. That shit never changes.

After a round of picture-taking we headed north through a scary underpass. The traffic was brutal and I'm very glad I chose the sidewalk because just as I started across a bus flew by me so fast and so close I was pushed by the wind it produced. And I was on the sidewalk, not the road!

Before heading back we had a lengthy discussion about possible routes and how to avoid that underpass. We're unfamiliar with that area though and ended up back on the same street after our alternate route failed. Upon approaching the bridge we discovered that there had just been a really bad accident. Cops blocked the road, an ambulance was parked across the street, a bus sat waiting and hourdes of people milled about either waiting to get back on the bus or just watching in that way people do when something bad happens. A bike was laying on the side of the road and just behind it sat a car with the front end literally wrapped around a pole... in the same spot we encountered the speeding bus only an hour eariler. The car was covered in a tarp and as we walked our bikes through the scene I overhead someone say there were two bodies inside. A bad "funk" band played "Jungle Boogie" for the arts festival attendees just up the street. The whole scene was really heavy and unsettling.

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